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1. ANT summary, by William B. Hurlbut
An overview of the basic concept of Altered Nuclear Transfer.

2. OAR op-ed, by Marcus Grompe and Robert P. George
A version of ANT, called Oocyte Assisted Reprogramming (OAR), featured in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, published at:,,SB111922914606463726,00.html. Copyright 2005 the Wall Street Journal. Used by permission.

3. OAR, joint statement
A more technical statement on OAR produced and signed by a group of thirty-five scientists, moral philosophers and theologians, published at:

4. ANT interview, of William B. Hurlbut
A general discussion about ANT and OAR as an interview of Dr. Hurlbut by Jennifer Lahl of the Center for Bioethics and Culture Network.

5. ANT presentation, by William B. Hurlbut
A presentation to The President's Council on Bioethics, published at:

6. ANT analysis, by William B. Hurlbut
A more in-depth analysis of the reasoning behind ANT, published as: Hurlbut, William B. "Altered Nuclear Transfer as a Morally Acceptable Means for the Procurement of Human Embryonic Stem Cells" Perspectives in Biology and Medicine - Volume 48, Number 2, Spring 2005, pp. 211-228, The Johns Hopkins University Press. Copyright 2005 The Johns Hopkins University Press. Used by permission.

7. A recent definitive account of ANT
A recent definitive account of ANT that contains updated information on the science of ANT. It was published as: Hurlbut, William B., George, Robert P., Grompe, Marcus; "Seeking Consensus: A Clarification and Defense of Altered Nuclear Transfer, Hastings Center Report 36, no. 5 (2006): 42-50. Copyright 2006 The Hastings Center. Used by permission.

8. Stem Cells, Embryos and Ethics: Is There a Way Forward?
This unpublished popular-audiance talk by William B. Hurlbut discusses the moral status of the human embryo, ethics of embryonic stem cell research and Altered Nuclear Transfer. (Due to constraints on file size, the visual illustrations have been deleted from this posted version.)

Photos courtesy of James Resau and the Van Andel Institute in Grand Rapids, MI.